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Lifting & Material Handling

Lifting and handling heavy materials is a commonplace task when performing any domestic, commercial or industrial building job, and doing so properly plays a large role in keeping your site safe. We offer a wide range of lifting and material handling equipment for use on small and large jobs, from manually operated apparatus to heavy duty lifting machinery and associated accessories.

Our range of hire stock offers standard trolleys, sack block carts and climbing trucks with a range of lifting mechanisms available including engine cranes and sling lifts. We also have specialist equipment suitable for working at height, including access cages, barrow slings, chain hoists, rubbish chutes and safety harnesses.

Available for hire at competitive prices for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and up to a week, our Lifting and Material Handling equipment will help to get the very best finished result. To find out more, contact the CTH Hire Centres team at our regional depots in Farnham (01252 333122) and Windlesham (01344 827964).

Kerb Lifter

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£18.00 £24.00 £30.00 £36.00

Piano Skate

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£30.00 £35.00 £40.00 £45.00

Block Grabs

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£70.00 £80.00 £90.00 £100.00

Skip Ramp

Safer than scaffold boards, especially in the wet, this purpose made, hook-on
ramp makes barrow emptying into a skip easier than ever.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£11.00 £15.00 £19.00 £22.00

Access Cage

Designed to carry personnel and their tools in a safe manner whilst working at height.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£50.00 £60.00 £70.00 £85.00

Tirfor Winch 3000kgs

This manual winch offers the versatility needed to tackle the variety
of jobs encountered in forestry, agriculture, civil engineering and steel
erection. Whether you are needing to lift the load or pull it into position,
here’s a winch that is up to the task.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£60.00 £80.00 £100.00 £120.00

Crane Forks

This crane fork allows you to handle pallets with an overhead crane. The crane fork also allows you access to pallets in confined areas that may not be accessible to fork trucks.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£60.00 £75.00 £90.00 £110.00

Sack Barrow

These robust sack trucks are used for carrying heavy items and the large
rubberised wheels enable these items to be moved with ease.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£7.50 £10.00 £13.00 £15.00
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