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Plumbing works are essential to the maintenance of water supply and drainage in both domestic and commercial properties, so it’s always important to have the right tools for the job.

Here at CTH Hire Centres we have a varied range of equipment available for plumbing tasks, whether you are preparing and installing new piping or relining existing systems and removing obstructions. Our collection of hire tools include pipe bending and fitting equipment, testing kits and rods, pressure test pumps and pump flush adaptors.

We also have specialist hire items available for flushing central heating systems, pipe freezing and other general plumbing tasks.

Available for hire at competitive prices for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and up to a week, our plumbing equipment will help to get the very best finished result. To find out more, contact the CTH Hire Centres team at our regional depots in Farnham (01252 333122) and Windlesham (01344 827964).

Pressure Test Pump

The pressure test pump tests hydraulically for leaks in installations which are required to be leak proof and will test systems up to 725 PSI.  Especially for use in heating, compressed air, refrigeration systems, oil installations, sprinkler systems and other small bore pipe installations.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£16.00 £22.00 £27.00 £32.00

Pump Adaptor for Power Flush

For use with heating system power flushing pumps, to enable them to be connected directly onto the body of standard heating system circulator pump

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£12.00 £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

Central Heating Power Flush

A professional descaling unit designed to flush out central heating systems and
remove harmful iron oxide deposits, which can cause radiator cold spots and
blockages. Also protects boilers and pumps.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£60.00 £80.00 £100.00 £120.00

Pipe Freezing Kit Electric

This pipe freezing is made to make building maintenance easy. Fitted with two high capacity freeze heads and supplied with pipe size reducers. The pipe freezing kit is ideal for industrial and commercial pipe sizes. Alternatively, you can effectively hold back the water supply to a pipe by attaching both freeze heads to one section, creating a single, large ice plug.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week
£29.00 £39.00 £49.00 £58.00
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