Why Buy Water Pumps Outright When You Can Hire Them?

If you are in need of a water pump and are thinking about purchasing one, it’s well worth considering the benefits of hiring rather than buying outright before making a decision. Whilst the choice of whether to purchase a water pump or opt for a rental service depends on how the pump will be used and how frequently it will be needed, there are certainly a number of advantages of water pump hire.

Even in industrial sectors than require large scale pumps (e.g. water treatment centres and sewage works, or public swimming pools), it may actually be more practical to hire the pumps that are needed to avoid the considerable cost of ownership. Some of the biggest benefits of hiring water pumps include:

No regular maintenance

By hiring a water pump, there is no need to worry about regularly maintaining, draining and upgrading your equipment. Once you are finished using a water pump, it can be returned to the hire company for all maintenance.


A wide range of different pumps to choose from

Depending on the task in hand, there are many different types of water pumps that are designed for different purposes and requirements. Choosing to hire means that you always have the choice of the right water pump for your needs – if you choose to buy, it may be that the next time you require a water pump, your pump may not have the necessary specifications.

Hire may well be much cheaper

Hiring a water pump makes it easier to budget for equipment, without the worry of paying maintenance costs should the pump break down or encounter problems.

No need to worry about storage space

If you need to use a particularly large pump, but don’t have the storage space to accommodate it when not in use, it’s certainly worth opting to hire. If a water pump can’t be stored safely, maintenance costs are likely to be much higher.

Immediate use

As with many pieces of specialised machinery and equipment, a lot of paperwork can be involved in purchasing water pumps. Complicated processes can prevent you from using the equipment and in the case of emergency use in the case of flooding, this can be a big problem. By hiring, you can benefit from being able to use the tool immediately without having to deal with red tape.


If you feel that water pump hire is the right decision from you, you can visit the CTH Hire Centres website to find out more information of the tools available, or contact us at our Farnham depot by calling 01252 333122.