Tool Hire Essentials in Surrey

DIY requires accuracy, safety and creativity so without the essential tools, an entire project can collapse. But with our range of hire items available across Surrey, finding the right tools for the job doesn’t have to be a problem.

Our tool hire services allow you to check out the equipment you need for an agreed duration without having to worry about maintenance costs or storage of heavy-duty tools, making like easier!

Here we look at the full range of DIY tools available for hire at our CTH Hire Centres:

CTH tool and Plant hire

Concrete Laying

Concrete laying is a skill which requires accuracy and a close eye for detail. For professional results, the correct equipment should be used, especially for DIY projects. Without tool hire services, you may end up with uneven concrete, which isn’t easy to fix once set.


For quality care and precision during woodwork and carpentry projects, take the time to hire the right tools for the job. Heavy duty, stand-alone equipment including sanders, routers and saws are all essential depending on your project.


Decorating your home can be a rewarding DIY project. However, although tasks such as wallpapering can seem straight forward, they require time and concentration. To avoid air bubbles and uneven coverings, hire items such as our Wallpaper Steam Stripper are essential.


Plumbing can turn into a very messy job, so being prepared is key. Our Central Heating Power Flush works by flushing out central heating systems, to remove harmful iron oxide deposits. When left, these deposits can cause blockages and cold spots on your radiator.

When repairing pipes, our Pipe Freezing Kit is suitable for both industrial and commercial jobs. It will allow you to control the water flow, to avoid leakage while you are working.

Floor & Carpet Care

Flooring is a crucial element to any property structure. Without the appreciate care and regular maintenance, you may find it becoming damaged, weak or unappealing. With a range of powerful Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaners, all are available for industrial and household use.

Vehicle Maintenance

To keep your motor up and running, essential vehicle maintenance equipment, including Welders and Compressors are essential. With a choice of petrol or electric powered tools, find specialist equipment, including Engine Cranes, Lifting Jacks and Axel Stands for hire.


For large scale gardening projects, heavy duty equipment is essential for lifting and carrying heavy garden waste and materials. It can also allow neater trimming, digging and planting for landscape work for a cleaner finish. Loaders, Chippers, Trenchers and Carriers are all available to hire.

Road Safety

For safety and efficiency during road safety projects, a catalogue of innovative tools are available to hire. For preliminary surveys, Measuring Wheels are available to calculate medium to long distances. Damp Meters allow you to more accurately identify dampness in timber or masonry.

Metal Detectors allow you to locate piping, cables and any buried metal before starting construction. For harder to reach locations, SeeSnake Inspection Cameras are available for closer inspections.

Finding Essential Tool Hire Services in Surrey

At CTH Hire Centres Ltd we specialise in tool hire services, available to both trade and DIY customers. While supplying a full range of DIY equipment, we offer delivery to Hampshire, Surrey, London and parts of Berkshire.

For more information on essential tool hire services in Surrey, get in touch with your local branch:

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