Pressure Washing Options to Brighten Your Property

As they say, the home is where the heart is, so maintaining your home to allow you and your family to beam with home pride is very important. Keeping your property gleaming in the summer sun and the winter snow takes time but is very worth it.

Pressure washing on a seasonal basis can help to brighten and protect your property against the natural elements. Hiring a pressure washer is affordable and convenient for homeowners looking to spruce up their home exterior. Discover the benefits before exploring your pressure washing options at CTH Hire.


Home Cleanliness

Hiring a pressure washer for your home can help you remove any grime, mildew or cobweb build up. When used correctly, a pressure water is enough to effectively clean your home from bacteria without causing damage.

Decoration Preparation

Before jumping into any DIY garden projects, pressure washing is great for preparing your surfaces. If you are looking to paint, stain or refinish outside areas including the decking and pool, pressure washing can smoothen outdoor surfaces.

Damage Prevention

During the winter, excessive moisture can cause damage and staining to the exterior of your home. Ignored mould will eat away at your paint and finishes, leaving your home looking cracked and patchy. It will hide in shaded areas and will continue to grow until cleaned away manually.

Family Health

As a result of cleaning away traces of grime, mould and mildew you are protecting your family’s health. Particularly if you have pets or young children who are likely to explore the garden by themselves. As a recommendation, your home should be pressure washed at least once a year.

Curb Appeal

If you have plans to soon place your home on the market, you need to up it’s curb appeal. Regular pressure washing can brighten your property by washing away unwanted debris. It can also be a very cost effective way of maintaining or boosting the value of your property.

Hiring a Pressure Washer

At CTH Hire we offer a range of DIY tools to help with your home and commercial projects. For pressure washing your home, we have a variety of options to choose from. This includes hot water, cold water and petrol pressure washers.

Visit your local Surrey branch for more information on our hiring services.