Plant hire suggestions for successful groundworks

Groundworks are an essential opening phase on any construction site and an important element of any successful building project.

This process involves preparing the site for structural work to begin by clearing the area of obstructions and debris, ensuring the ground is level and stable, and laying foundation surfaces.

Here we look at the specialist plant hire items we offer that help our clients to perform high quality groundworks on site.



When a site needs a high level of soil or debris to be cleared, heavy duty excavation equipment is normally required. Available at 0.8, 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 tonnes dependent on the scale of the works being performed, Excavators can significantly reduce the time spent on ground clearance.


Important for groundworks where uneven ground or new surfacing needs to be levelled, Rollers offer a highly efficient solution. This heavy-duty equipment is available to hire in ride-on or hand operated formats and helps to break down, flatten and level base surfaces quickly and accurately.


For sites where existing concrete or hard surfacing must be removed, Breakers offer a perfect solution. These high-powered tools help to break down any kind of surface or masonry, with equipment available to suit heavy duty, medium or light groundworks.


For projects that require the clearance of trees, bushes and other foliage, chipper machines offer a quick and easy way to break down cleared materials. They also provide a cheap and environmentally friendly way of producing wood chippings for use on site.


When soil or debris needs to be removed or repurposed to prepare a construction site, this can mean tonnes of material must be transported quickly and efficiently. For such requirements we offer a selection of high-volume ride on Dumper machines, available at daily and weekly rates.

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At CTH Hire Centres we have a varied range of hire equipment available for groundwork projects. If you would like to find out more about the tool and plant hire facilities offered by the team at CTH Hire Centres, please contact our friendly team today on 01344 872 964.