Our top five tools for metal work

When it comes to metal work, you could need any number of specialist tools to complete the task in hand.  From drilling and casting to smelting and clamping, having access to the right equipment means the job will get done quickly and professionally.

At CTH Hire, we work with tradespeople and DIYers all over Surrey to make sure they have the tools they need, when they need them.

Here are five of our most popular tools for metal work:

1. Jigsaw


A jigsaw is a perfectly universal tool that can be used on metal, wood or plastic. When you use one for metalwork, it’s always best to use plenty of oil to lubricate the blade and use light pressure in the direction you’re cutting in.


2. Bolt croppers

bolt croppers

Bolt croppers are suitable for easy cutting of a variety of metalwork, including: concrete rods, mesh, wire, steel rods, bolts, chains, alloy steel and tempered sprung wire. While they’re only small, they’re certainly mighty – and if you’re into metalwork, you can’t be without them.

3. Cordless impact driver

cordless impact driver

Rather than using a spanner to remove stubborn bolts, a cordless impact driver can save you time and energy. They’ll also provide two to three times the turning force than the standard drill, making them perfect for wood and metal.

4.    G Clamps

g clamp

If you need to keep a piece of metal still, one of the most useful tools you can have is a G clamp. Perfect for welding applications, it’s a key tool no metal worker can be without.

5.    Welders


If you need to fuse metals together, you’re going to need a welder. For light body repairs, such as car body works, try one with a lower voltage, or for the more heavy-duty applications, you’d be better picking one with 400amp or more.

At CTH Hire, we have a wide range of metalworking tools for trade and DIY customers – both for sale and for hire. If you’re in need of a power sander, or any other tool, you can call our Windlesham branch on 01344 872 964 or our Farnham branch on 01252 333 122.