Our Guide to Metal, Concrete, Masonry and Ceramic Cutters

If you are taking on any major DIY project, it’s likely that you’ll need to cut materials down to size or repurpose them to fit your plans. This could be as simple as resizing wallpaper using a pair of scissors, but if you are looking to cut or resize harder materials, you’ll need the specialist tools to get the job done.

The average person may not own specialist cutting tools for materials such as metal, concrete, masonry and ceramics, but we make it easy to hire appropriate tools, whether for a large-scale project or a domestic DIY task.

Metal Cutting Tools

bolt croppers

Whether you need to trim mesh or wire, cut through sheet metal or tackle more substantial metal materials, we can hire out a range of tools to suit your needs. For example, bolt croppers are suitable for a number of different tasks, from easing through thin wire or mesh, to cutting high tensile reinforcing rods, bolts or case-hardened chains. Bolt croppers are designed to make any of these tasks easy.

To tackle sheet metal, different tools are required. To cut sheet or corrugated metal in straight or curved lines, a nibbler or jigsaw can be hired by the day or week. For cutting through thicker metal, a reciprocating saw, or an angler grinder may be required, depending on the task in question. The CTH Hire Centres team will be able to advise you.

Concrete Cutters

concrete cutters

Cutting concrete can be tricky as it can break into smaller pieces if not cut carefully, using specialist tools. For cutting through composite or paving blocks, a manual block splitter with cam level cutting action can get the job done, however, if you are needing to cut blocks of various densities, a hydraulic block splitter with self-levelling blades may be the right option.

For cutting straight lines through concrete floors or other floor materials, we would recommend hiring a petrol-powered floor saw. This is well suited to tackling road, driveway or footpath repairs, as well as patios and other concrete floors.

Masonry Cutting Tools

masonry cutting

Several different styles of masonry cutting saws are available depending on the job at hand. For example, a masonry hand saw with large tooth configuration may be enough to cut through some blocks and stone.

Lightweight and easy to manage electronic masonry saws can be a highly versatile tool, tackling brickwork, stonework and other masonry with ease and precision. For higher density masonry, the best suited tooling solution could be a robust petrol-powered masonry saw bench. Depending on what you need to cut through and the finish you require, a masonry saw bench can be fitted with an abrasive, or diamond cutting disks.

Ceramic Cutters

ceramic cutters
If you are cutting ceramic tiles for a kitchen or bathroom project, tile cutters come in various sizes, to cater for different sized tiles, so whatever your tiling project, we have the tools to keep you covered.

Hire Cutting Tools Today

If you need to hire the right cutting tools to suit your DIY project, CTH Hire Centres have two depots in Surrey. For more information, call our Farnham depot on 01252 333122, our Windlesham depot on 01344 872964, or come and see us at either location.