The importance of clearing Autumn leaves

The Autumn is here and already the leaves are changing to different colours and beginning to fall from the trees, making for one of the most naturally beautiful times of the year.

However, heavy seasonal leaf fall can have plenty of ill-effects if not dealt with through raking or leaf-blowing, especially when debris becomes compacted on gardens, pavements and roadways.

Here we look at a few of the issues that can occur when fallen leaves are not cleared during the Autumn months, and the damage that can be caused.


Lawn issues

When autumn leaves fall from surrounding trees they often cover naturally flat areas such as garden lawns. If left untended this can cause the grass in these areas to be starved of sunlight and effectively suffocated, leading to damaged or dying areas of turf and even causing a build up of moss.

Sitting water

When damp leaves are allowed to sit for too long on a grass surface they can form a compact layer that prevents rain water from draining naturally through the grass below. This often leads to the pooling of water in the affected area and can result in waterlogging and in extreme cases, flooding.

Safety hazard

When leaves fall onto a flat surface they quickly become damp and slippery, causing a considerable health and safety hazard. Making sure that areas with high footfall (such as driveways and pavements) are cleared of fallen leaves on a regular basis is recommended in order to avoid nasty accidents.

Blocked drains

One of the most common issues associated with Autumn leaf fall is the blockage of drains and pipework. This is caused when a build-up of compacted leaves clog drain covers and guttering, resulting in an overflow of water and flooding of the surrounding area.

Find out more

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