Tiling a Shower: Your How-To guide

While tiling a shower can produce some truly unbelievable results, it also takes a good deal of time and preparation. To put this another way, there are a number of steps which need to take place so that the end result can be stunning and functional. Let us look at how you can complete this process with efficiency and accuracy.

The Tools Required

It is quite easy to rent the necessary equipment that may be lacking. Some common tools include:

• Tile saws
• Levelling brackets
• Hand-held tile cutters
• Grout guns and smoothing tools
• A tape measure
• Tile adhesive and grout

Once you have obtained these instruments, the work can begin.

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Your Step-By-Step Guide

1. You will first need to expose the studs on the walls associated with the shower. Then, apply a vapour barrier directly onto the studs. Once this barrier is in place, attach sections of sturdy cement backer board. The tiles will be mounted upon this board.

2. Then, calculate the number of tiles required based upon their dimensions and the area that needs to be covered. It is wise to overestimate this number by ten percent, as some tiles may be broken during the installation process.

3. Once you have applied the adhesive, place a tile at a bottom corner and complete the first horizontal row. Check that this row is level, place spacers above each tile and then begin on the next row. It is also likely that you will need to cut tiles during the process to accommodate corners and other spaces.

Please note that this is a basic overview of how to tile a shower. For more complicated work, it may be wise to contact a professional. If you don’t have the tools required, hiring them can be a more cost efficient and practical route than buying them outright. To find out more about hiring tiling equipment, contact CTH Hire Centres today on 01344 872 964 (Windlesham) or 01252 333 122 (Farnham).