Choosing the Right Tools for Home Decoration Projects

Just like other areas of DIY, home decoration projects can be made much easier by using the right tools. But the key to professional result is understanding which tools are available to you and how to use them.

Here we explore the benefits of shopping attentively for home decor and suggestions on which tools to hire:


Time Efficiency

Solo decorating your home can be a time consuming task. However, with the right equipment you can half your work time and double your chances of professional results. Tools such as a Wallpaper Steam Stripper or a Refina Power Prep can make wall striping easy. A professional wallpaper stripper allows easy access to ceilings and high walls, for quick and low maintenance results.

Health & Safety

With home decoration projects, you may find yourself overlooking safety risks. However, when it comes to hard to reach places and handling advanced tools, safety should be a priority.

When decorating your stairway, a Stairway Access Tower allows safe access to difficult areas. It is also easy to erect and very secure, for safe decorating.


Home decoration projects aren’t just about painting the walls and lining strips of wallpaper. For long-lasting results, you need the right tools to make it practical. For example, a Tyrolean Machine is a roughcast applicator for Tyrolean and weatherproof cement finishes. Therefore, the cement will be practical throughout the seasons.

Professional Results

Hiring affordable, professional tools is more likely to provide cleaner, skilful decor. For smooth layers of paint, minimal hassle and proven results, an Airless Sprayer is a top choice for many decorators.

An electric Hot Air Gun can also be helpful for vinyl floor tiles, heat shrinking, ageing wood, bending plastic and removing paint from various surfaces.

Protective Wear

Decorating involves a lot of chemicals, dust and heavy DIY machinery, which is why it is vital to stay protected. If you’re going to be decorating over a long period, using paints, pesticides or adhesives, a dust mask or respirator is essential. This will keep your lungs safe from prolonged exposure of harsh chemicals. Appropriate eyewear will also shield your eyes from flicks of paint and fumes. As well as clothing overalls to avoid skin contact with paint, dust and fume particles.

How to Hire

At CTH Hire we have a catalogue of DIY equipment available for hire for 1 to 3 days or a week. As well as decorating tools, we also supply equipment for gardening, road safety, water pumps, vehicle maintenance and more.

For difficult places we have a range of ladders and access towers, suitable for internal and external use. For successful home decoration projects, you can also hire dust extraction units, surface stripping tools and preparation equipment.

For more tools at competitive prices, follow this link to find out more.