How you can make those woodwork jobs a whole lot easier this year by hiring the right tools

For those of us who prefer to do our own work around the house rather than pay someone else to do it, we have our work cut out for us. There is always something that needs doing. Whether it is repainting some woodwork, sanding down some flooring or making something new, having the right woodworking tools can transform a task from being tedious to being something that we can be proud of. The right tools can also ensure that the job doesn’t take too long and, let’s be honest, we all want to finish those jobs as soon as we can! So woodwork DIY is best done with the right tools and if you are unsure what those might be then give us a call and our friendly team will advise you.

Circular saw

Most of us know the basics about the tools we need for a job, but with such a wide range of them available how do you know which is the best for your project? One great example is the sander. If you were going to buy a sander then general electric power sanders are the best, easiest and quickest way of getting a job done, and a good all round purchase. However, if you are thinking of hiring then you have a great opportunity to rent more specific sanders that do an even better job.

If you need to rapidly remove a lot of wood, say at the beginning of a job, then this can be achieved really quickly with a belt sander. A belt sander has a more aggressive action and as a multi tool it can also be used to remove paint or other finishes from woodwork, to trim to a designated line, or for freehand rounding or shaping. It gets larger jobs done quickly, with less effort. But if you have ultra – smooth sanding to do, for example maybe some gentle rounding or sanding off some hardened wood putty or taking off the top layers of paint or varnish to change a finish on your wood then your needs are different. Here, and for these smaller, gentler jobs, an orbital sander is easier and more effective to use.

Orbital Palm Sander

So whatever you are needing to do with your woodwork right now, think carefully about how you can complete the job best and which tools you will need for this. If you are looking for something particular, or if you are looking for the full suite of woodwork tools then many different planers, polishers, sanders, jigs and routers are available for hire from CTH Hire Centres on 01344 872 964 or 01252 333 122.