Hire essentials for safer roadwork projects

Roadworks are commonplace across transport routes in the UK, bringing essential improvements to our road and motorway systems. But though these upgrades are essential, it is important that they are performed as quickly and safely as possible and with minimal disruption to motorists and the general public.

Here we list a few of the essential safety items that construction firms should consider hiring before beginning a roadwork project in Surrey and the surrounding areas.



Traffic cones are an important asset for safe roadwork operations, providing a clear and recognisable method of marking out construction areas and guiding motorists and the public. Cones are easily transportable and can be used in all weather conditions at any time of day or night, making them an essential hire item even for 24-hour projects.

Road Signs

Although every effort will be made to ensure that motorists are not inconvenienced by roadworks, there is always potential that route changes or short-term road closures will be introduced. In this instance, temporary road signs are essential for guiding motorists safely into alternative routes and making them aware of the nature and duration of works being performed.

Stop/Go Boards

Short-term road works often necessitate the introduction of a one-lane system, meaning that safe traffic management is required in order to keep motorists moving. This is often performed with the use of manually operated ‘Stop and Go’ boards that indicate to drivers when it is safe to proceed through a single lane, helping to avoid accidents and potential collisions.


When it comes to roadworks, pedestrian safety is just as important as that of motorists. Road improvements often require the excavation of tarmac and pavements, so specialist roadwork barriers are essential for marking out safe pedestrian walkways and preventing injury to the public through accidental trips and falls.

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