The importance of using the correct heavy lifting equipment

For the vast majority of construction projects the lifting and moving of heavy materials is likely to be required. In these circumstances using suitable specialist vehicles and apparatus is essential, ensuring that heavy lifting tasks can be performed safely and effectively on site.

Here we look at some of the key reasons why finding suitable drive-on and hand held applications for heavy lifting is important to successful construction projects.



There are number of safety issues to be considered when lifting heavy materials on site, including the suitability of each task to be performed manually or with a plant vehicle.

Manual lifting can present a range of issues that can lead to injury, so providing suitable lifting and handling apparatus such as barrows, hoists and trolleys is essential. For significantly larger loads, using an appropriate plant hire option such as a dumper or swivel skip is recommended.


 Choosing suitable heavy lifting methods is key to increasing efficiency on site, and can help to shorten delivery times. Heavy lifting can be performed by plant vehicles in a fraction of the time possible manually, but for tasks that are conducted with limited access or space, choosing an appropriate hand-held option for workers can help to deliver the best possible results.

Damage prevention

Using suitable heavy lifting equipment for individual tasks can play a key role in avoiding damage on site. Choosing appropriate lifting methods and tools helps to reduce the amount of materials broken through transit and prevents damage to lifting appliances that are unsuited to the task.


Because using appropriate heavy lifting tools helps to increase efficiency and reduce loss through damaged material and equipment, this means that costs can be lowered and big tasks such as groundworks and site clearance can be performed more economically.

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