Heating Essentials for Winter 2019

When you are working in large open spaces such as a construction site or a warehouse, temperatures can jump from one extreme to another very quickly. At winter, the low temperatures can make work extremely uncomfortable for your employees, so to improve morale and to help your staff stay healthy when temperatures are hovering around zero-degrees, it’s time to look at temporary heating solutions.

Heating workspaces is certainly important, but it can also be difficult without the right tools for the job. Here we cover some of the best heating equipment available for hire to heat workspaces of different sizes.

Space Heaters

For open workspaces such as warehouses, space heaters are the most popular solution. Space heaters are a form of warm air heating system that provide an instant and reliable source of heat. They work by passing air through a heat exchange, increasing the temperature of the air, distributing warmth around the space evenly.

There are several different types of space heaters, as they vary in size and power source. Propane space heaters are the most common and can be hired in a range of sizes to suit different warehouses or industrial spaces.


For larger spaces, Indirect Diesel or Indirect Gas space heaters may provide a more efficient solution.


Dustbin Heaters

Compact and with no requirement for electricity, propane dustbin heaters are an effective solution for heating small factories, warehouses and outhouses. Like space heaters, they generate heat by passing air through a heat exchange, distributing hot air evenly.

Dustbin heater

Localised heating

For smaller working areas or workspaces where heat is required in localised areas, there are a variety of smaller heaters available.

A ceramic heater is electrically powered and ideal for creating instant heat in a workshop or office environment, emitting infra-red heat.

localised heating

Infra-red heaters are designed to direct heat specifically to warm people or objects. This is an ideal heat source for draughty, or larger open areas, as infra-red energy is not affected by the air movement around the heater.


Fan and convector heaters provide heat in enclosed workspaces over time. Using convection currents to generate heat, the fan helps to spread the warmth around small areas.

convector heater

Butane gas cabinet heaters are another simple heat solution for small workplaces.

cabinet heaters

If your work environment requires extra heat over the winter, you can visit one of our two depots in Surrey, or call 01344 872 964 (Windlesham) or 01252 333 122 (Farnham).

Along with heating equipment, we can also hire out a range of air conditioning, dehumidifying and boiling equipment to suit your needs. Simply browse our online hire catalogue.