Gardening and Landscaping Tools to Prepare for Autumn

Landscaping Tools for Autumn

As we begin to experience the heavier rainfall and stronger winds of autumn, it is time to prepare our homes and gardens. The garden can become a haven for piles of leaves, puddles and mud at this time of year. With the right gardening and landscaping tools, however, you can restore balance in your garden again.

See below our top recommendations for gardening and landscaping tools to hire this autumn.


For a well-manicured appearance, regular lawnmowing will keep your grass neat and even. This is particularly beneficial for ensuring all your grass receives an even amount of water and sunlight for good growth. Grass cutting is also helpful for keeping your land healthy, while removing pests and debris buried within.

For hard to reach areas, we also have petrol powered strimmers available to hire, for an even cut all over.

Leaf Blower

To clear away the natural clutter of autumn, leaf blowers provide a quick and easy solution. Direct the leaves into a designated corner of your garden before picking them up and discarding of them appropriately. This will help to prevent your garden being hidden under a layer of orange leaves.

Lawn Scarifier

To restore large areas of grass crying out for some TLC, a lawn scarifier is a powerful tool. Our petrol lawn scarifier will aerate the landscape and work hard to remove moss, weeds and dead grass.

Seed Spreader

To get started on your garden for 2020, planting seeds has never been easier than with our seed spreader. For even distribution, our seed spreader will be one of the most useful gadgets you never knew you needed.

Hedge Trimmer

Tame your hedges for you and your neighbours with a fast action hedge trimmer. We also offer a long reach trimmer, featuring a long double sided two stroke engine trimmer, for hard to reach areas.

Chain Saw and Safety Kit

For larger landscape projects, our chainsaws are ideal for log cutting, tree felling and site clearance. However, if you are planning on operating a chain saw, we highly recommend hiring a chain saw safety kit too. Included you will find a visor, gloves, ear defenders and over trousers. Using this kit will reduce your chance of injury.

Gardening and Landscaping Tools for Hire

For clean cut gardening maintenance, our tools for hire provide quality results. As well as gardening and landscaping tools, we also offer outdoor equipment and power tools for hire and sale. For more information, browse our online product range or contact your local CTH Hire Centre.