Floor care tool hire: Get your carpet and wooden floor care up the scratch

It’s fair to say that the floors in your home probably get a lot of use – and potentially abuse. Thanks to muddy shoes and stains to scratches, dents and nicks, floors don’t often look perfect for long, and looking after them with regular cleaning and maintenance is essential.



Getting your floors up to scratch is likely to be an ongoing process, particularly with carpets. Not only do they absorb all manner of spillages and smells, the pile can get compressed and lose its bounce. Using an industrial carpet cleaner to take care of your carpet can have various benefits, including:

Enhancing indoor air quality

As soft and insulating as carpets are, their fibres easily trap airborne pollutants, animal hair and allergens. This can have a significant impact on indoor air quality, aggravating asthma and allergies. Using a professional carpet cleaner can help avoid these issues and give the air quality in your home a new lease of life.

Remove stubborn stains

Although a shop-bought carpet cleaner might remove light stains, it’s sometimes necessary to use a professional carpet cleaning system to get particularly stubborn stains out. Refreshing your carpets every couple of months with an industrial carpet cleaning machine means you can keep on top of stubborn stains and keep your carpet looking fresh.

Makes the room look fresh

A carpet that has been cleaned using an industrial carpet cleaner and vacuum looks much fresher and brighter than one that has not. If you want to keep your home looking in tip top shape, don’t forget to hire a carpet cleaner every once in a while and consider floor care tool hire.

Wooden floors

It’s not just carpets that are subject to abuse, wooden floors have their own set of problems too. Whether it’s scratches and dents, water damage or just general wear and tear, there are many tools you can hire that will help you give them a new lease of life.

A floor scrubber

An industrial floor polisher is ideal for cleaning large areas and can give your wooden floors a fantastic shine. With floor scrubbers, you can revive your wooden floor quickly and easily, without getting on your hands and knees.

A floor sander

If your wooden floors are looking tired, uneven and discoloured, sanding them is sure to give them a new lease of life. Hiring a commercial grade floor sander doesn’t cost the earth and is far cheaper than completely replacing a wooden floor.

Floor edge sander

If you’re sanding your wooden floors, don’t forget to also hire a floor edge sander to get into all the nooks and crannies.


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