Event Hire Essentials for Summer 2018

Summer is coming, meaning outdoor festivals, concerts and exhibitions are all being prepared for everyone to enjoy in the British sunshine. But with setting up events involves a lot of work and organisation, and you want to get it right to avoid wasting time and resources.

There can be lot of maintenance and construction to be done, but once you find the right tools and event hire it should be no problem.


Five Essentials to Hire for Your Summer Event:

1. Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary fence panels provide stronger security for your event as it indicates to ticket holders where the event begins and ends, while keeping trouble makers and non-ticket buyers out.

2. Crowd Control Barriers

If you plan on having performers on stage, it’s always a good idea to employ crowd control barriers to provide your performers with peace of mind that they will not be interrupted by eager fans.

3. Lawn Mower

If you’ve hired a space that’s been out of use for a while and is needing a little Summer TLC, cutting the grass can transform your space into something attractive and easily accessible again.

4. Air Conditioning

For outdoor events featuring marquees, air conditioning is available to avoid your attendees getting too hot and bothered. Spending too long in the sun can cause people to feel tired and often grumpy, so a place where they can go to get cool is essential.

5. Site Toilets

During all day events it is essential to have on-site toilets for easy accessibility, especially when you’re expecting families. Depending on the size of your event, it’s usually advisable to hire multiple site toilets to avoid too much queuing.

Here at CTH Hire we offer an extensive range of outdoor equipment to hire, all perfect for helping you get your event Summer-ready! From gardening tools to decorating essentials and DIY utilities we have everything you could possibly need. To browse our range simply click here.