Event Hire: Equipment Hire for Summer Events

Summer time is certainly one of the busiest times of the year in the event industry. As we can hope for at least some days of sunshine during the summer months, this is the time of year that most outdoor events take place, particularly festivals large and small. Whilst a lot of work goes into arranging for the crowd facing aspects of a festival, huge amounts of work also goes on behind the scenes.

Before any festival event can take place, there are a lot of facilities that must be in place, both for the attendees of a festival, but also for all staff:


Behind the scenes

As many festivals take place at a venue without permanent facilities in place, it’s essential to talk to an event hire company about making sure all behind the scenes facilities and equipment are available.

• Site offices/canteens – Portable office units provide a temporary, but secure workplace for events staff throughout a festival or event. Offices can be fully linked up to electricity and phone lines to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

As well as providing an office space, portable units also provide an ideal space for a canteen for events staff, away from the catering facilities provided for event attendees. Portable office units can also be used to provide extra storage space.

• Site containers – When it comes to erecting temporary stages and other facilities, a lot of tools and materials are involved, not to mention, should something go wrong, the right tools to fix the problem must be readily available. For this reason, site containers are essential to keep all important equipment safe for the duration of an event. Depending on how big the event is, containers can be hired in different sizes, from just 8ft, to 40ft.

• Temporary fence panels – To stop unauthorised people from entering backstage or behind the scenes areas of a festival, temporary fencing is essential. Temporary mesh panels provide an extremely cost effective way of helping to deter theft and vandalism, leaving important equipment secure, and preventing unauthorised personal from causing injury to themselves.

• Crowd control – To prevent unauthorised people from being able to access a stage or even get behind stage, crowd control measures must be in place. Whilst security staff can be on hand to prevent individuals from accessing areas that they shouldn’t be in, crowd control barriers are essential. Barriers can be hired, with individual steel barriers interlocking to form an effective chain.

Essential Event Hire

Festivals and other summer events often take place over a number of days, from a weekend, to a whole week or more. Event organisers are legally required to provide sufficient toilet and sanitary facilities for all event attendees and staff. Portable toilets can be hired in bulk to provide hygienic and safe facilities.

Site showers are also available to be hired to ensure that staff who may be on site for a number of days at a time, as well as people who may be camping at a festival site can stay as clean as possible.

If you are organising an event and are in need of full a wide range of equipment and facilities to ensure that your event is as successful as possible, you can contact CTH Hire Centres by calling 01344 872 964 for our Windlesham office, or 01252 333 122 for out Farnham base.