Drying Out Flood Water

With much of the UK being hit by flooding recently, we thought we’d offer some advice and guidance to home and business owners regarding what to do if their property has been damaged by the flood water. No one wants to find their home or place of work has been flooded, and whilst the Met Office can often predict bad weather which gives property owners a chance to prepare by placing sandbags in doorways, there are times when this just isn’t enough and flood water can seep into homes and offices.

If you have been unlucky enough to have been flooded recently, please follow our step by step guide on how to start drying your property out:

1. Take photographs – before you make a start on draining the flood water, the first step is to photograph the property so that your insurance company can clearly see the extent of the flood damage.

2. Switch off the power – standing water will inevitably put your property at risk if the power supply is left on. As soon as practically possible, turn your gas and electric supply off at the mains.

3. Pump out the water – start pumping the water out of the property so in order to minimise the risk of further damage. Our Residue Pump can pump water down to just 1mm, but is still hardy enough to tackle large volumes of water. The Patay Pump is lightweight and fully portable, ideal for if you need to get pumping the water without delay.

Residue Pump

4. Dehumidify – now that water has been standing in the property, it’s vital to not only remove the water from ground level, but also to remove the water vapour which can spread further into the property. Our dehumidifiers are portable and can make a huge difference in speeding up the drying process.

5. Disinfect – inevitably the rain water will have washed in all manner of bacteria from outside. Whilst the property is drying out, be sure to spend sufficient time disinfecting walls, flooring and surface areas in the affected and adjoining rooms in order to reduce the risk of infection and ultimately, illness.

Be sure to continue to follow the advice of your insurance company in order to help your claim go through as quickly as possible. If you need any further help and advice regarding hiring water pumps following flood damage, feel free to contact the CTH Hire Centres Ltd team by calling 01344 872964 (Windlesham) or 01252 333122 (Farnham).