Top DIY tips for winterproofing your property

With winter on the way it is important to prepare our homes for the cold, wet and blustery weather that can be expected over the coming months. This means dry-proofing and insulating our homes to make sure that the worst effects of the elements are kept outside.

Here we look at a few of the quick and easy DIY tasks that can help to winterproof your home, keeping the cold and damp out and retaining as much heat as possible.


Securing windows 

Though windows are essential for ventilating our homes during the warmer months, they are responsible for losing heat during the winter and letting cold air in. Applying a temporary sealant to windows is a great way of reducing air flow, whilst hanging thick curtains helps to retain heat. 

Stopping draughts 

One of the easiest ways to keep your home warm during winter is to reduce the amount of cold air entering your home. This can be achieved by excluding the drafts in key areas such as doors and skirting boards and carpeting flooring areas that have exposed floorboards.

Radiator maintenance 

If your home is reliant on central heating to generate warmth during winter, it is highly recommended that radiator units are inspected and bled before returning to regular use. This simple procedure helps to remove the trapped air bubbles in your heating system and maintain optimal boiler pressure.  

Easy insulating

Applying a layer of insulation to your boiler and the exposed pipes around your home can help to preserve heat and reduce the risk of freezing. This is particularly important for external piping and any lines that lead through unheated areas of the home such as garages and basements. 

Roofing and guttering 

The most significant risk of flooding or water damage during the winter comes from faulty roofing and guttering. It is advised that any roofing refurbishment or patching is performed before the wettest period of the year, and that guttering is kept clear of leaves and debris that can cause over spill.   

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