DIY Plumbing Tasks for Summer 2019


Summer is the best time to perform essential plumbing works in your home and garden in preparation for the winter.

Though it is always important to look after your plumbing, getting ready for the colder months where flooding, freezing and blockages are more frequent can save time, money and discomfort.

Here we look at some of the essential plumbing tasks to be performed this summer and the ideal hire tools you will need to get the job done.

General Maintenance

The warm summer months offer the chance to maintain and modify the pipe systems in your home, making sure they are tightened, secured and working properly. For this we recommend using a range of professional tools including Stilson Wrenches, Pipe Bending Tools and Pressure Test Pumps.


Fixing or replacing leaking or broken pipes is an essential summertime activity, helping to prevent bigger issues occurring during the winter. During plumbing maintenance, you can hold back the water supply using a Pipe Freezing Kit. This includes two freeze heads and pipe sizer reducers for easier maintenance.

Central Heating

To keep your home warm and toasty during the colder climate, central heating is essential. Preparing your heating during the summer will help you to avoid delays during the winter rush. For temporary solutions, we have various style heaters available to hire.

For warehouses and commercial sites, our space heaters are an instant and efficient source of heat. For smaller spaces, ceramic heaters, fan heaters, cabinet heaters and fan heaters are all being offered for hire.

If you already have a central heating system in place, you may require some maintenance. A Central Heating Power Flush is a descaling unit, responsible for flushing out heating systems. As a result, this will clear away harmful iron oxide deposits, to prevent stubborn radiator blockages and horrid cold spots.

Pipe Obstructions

As a vital part of your home’s drainage system, resolving pipe obstructions quickly and efficiently require the correct tools. For pipe maintenance, Stilson wrenches, Soil Pipe Cutters and Basin Clearing Tools can all come in use. An electric Basin Clearing Tool is designed to help remove stubborn obstructions in 20-70mm piping and drains.

Find Out More About Plumbing Tools

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