Construction Site tool hire essentials for 2019

Each and every construction project requires access to a range of high-quality tools in order to achieve excellent, long-lasting results.

So from small items such hand-tools and electrical devices to heavy plant machinery, it is important for any working site to have a good provision of equipment through purchase or via a professional hire company such as CTH.

In this short guide we look at just some of the essential tool hire options that construction companies will need to consider when setting up site in 2019.


Cutting Equipment

Metal, concrete, masonry and ceramics are all materials that commonly require resizing or repurposing on site. Performing these tasks accurately can save time and money, so a good quality of electric or petrol-powered saws or cutters is essential for heavy duty jobs.

Concrete Laying

A procedure that requires accuracy, precision and planning, laying concrete on site can be a real challenge. So essential hire items such as Mixer Units, Test Cubes and Dust Extractors are vital in ensuring that the best possible results can be achieved at the first attempt.

Carpentry Tools

An expert woodwork and carpentry provision is needed on the vast majority of building sites, so hire items are usually required for general cutting and preparatory work. This includes hand-held electric items such as jigsaws and router units, and high duty equipment such as circular saws.

Lifting and Handling Equipment

Lifting and handling heavy materials is commonplace on constructions sites and must be performed to the highest standards of safety. Luckily there is a wide range of equipment available to help perform lifting jobs, from manually operated apparatus to heavy duty lifting machinery.

Lighting and Power Distribution

Construction projects require a power source on site in order to operate the tools, lighting and heating equipment, so energy supply solutions such as electric and petrol generator units, portable lighting and cabling solutions are essential to successful site management.

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At CTH Hire Centres we have a varied range of construction site tool hire equipment available for all of your essential site tasks in 2019. If you would like to find out more about the tool and plant hire facilities offered by the team at CTH Hire Centres, please contact our friendly team today on 01344 872 964.