Access Equipment for Industrial Construction Works

When completing DIY jobs outside and at height, you will require support and access equipment. Whether you are decorating or completing construction work on building exteriors, at CTH Hire we can help. Our wide range of support and access equipment can help your team to complete the job safely. All of our equipment available for hire has been tested and certified to comply with the UK safety standards.

Before you get started, see our access equipment recommendations for industrial construction works.

Stairway Access Equipment

Stairway Access Tower

Safety on stairways should always be a priority. When painting and decorating a stairway, a Stairway Access Tower can provide a safe platform to work on. It will allow you to reach high points and hard to reach areas, without sacrificing your safety with unsteady ladders. In addition, they are easy to set up and are inexpensive to hire.

Aluminium Towers Access Equipment

Aluminium Towers

For stairwells, narrow forecourts and alleys, Aluminium Towers provide a mobile access solution for your site. While completing decoration, maintenance and general building work, Aluminium Towers provide easy and safe access to high points.

3 Way Combi Ladder Access Equipment

3 Way Combi Ladder

If you prefer working on a traditional ladder, make it safer with additional support. Our 3 Way Combi Ladder allows you to use a ladder, even when there is nowhere to support it. It is a freestanding overreach ladder which can extend in size between 3.60m and 5.00m.

Handrail System Access Equipment

Handrail System

Handrail Systems can be fixed to lightweight staging platforms for additional safety. Having these available for your team can provide a safety barrier, in case of a fall when working at height. We have two sizes of Handrail Systems available – single and double.

Scissor Lift Battery Access Equipment

Scissor Lift Battery

For manoeuvring in tight spaces, our Scissor Lifts are ideal for internal and external construction sites. Our powered access equipment allows you to safely reach high points requiring maintenance, with room for you and your equipment.

Height Rider Access Equipment

Height Rider 15

Our Height Rider is a self-propelled access platform, allowing easy manoeuvring in enclosed spaces. With a 150° fly-boom with 180° cage rotation, it can be positioned in more directions than just up or down. This allows more accurate positioning while working in the cage.

Genie Access Equipment

Genie Z45 / 25

For industrial applications and external construction, our Genie Z45/25 allows up, out and over positioning. The ease of use and positioning flexibility makes this a great tool when you need to easily reach high points.

Hiring Access Equipment for Industrial Construction Works

At CTH Hire we stock a wide range of DIY equipment at budget friendly prices for hire. To prepare for your next construction project, contact our Surrey depots to enquire about hiring access equipment.