5 top tips for successful DIY woodworking

From flooring and skirting to large scale joinery projects, there are plenty of household DIY woodworking tasks that give us an opportunity to work with timber products.

Because wood is an attractive, versatile and durable material, it is possible to achieve great results when used for such household installations, but great care and precision is required.


Here we look at just a few of the key factors to consider when performing a home woodworking project that will help to achieve a fantastic final product.


Whatever the size or type of timber you are working with it is important to have a solid base on which the wood can be cut and modified. An unstable or unsuitable working area is likely to cause issues in preparation that can often result in lost time and additional expense later in your project.

Measure up

Though wood is largely favoured because of its versatile nature, correcting cutting mistakes can prove very difficult. To avoid complications always make sure to measure each piece of timber you are using for a project, ensuring that the correct dimensions and cutting lines are marked.

Quality finishing

Once your wood is cut into shape it is important to apply the correct finish to the timber. This includes sanding down rough or splintered edges, removing any nails or other obstructions found, and applying a treatment to the wood that offers the aesthetic or protective qualities required.

Be safe

Whether you are using a Router, Planer or Electric Saw – it’s important to put safety first when using any woodworking equipment. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when cutting timber and make sure to cut away from the body.

Use the right tools

As with most DIY projects, the safest and most effective way to achieve great results with woodworking projects is to use the right tools. If you haven’t done much work with timber in the past, take time to do some research on the tools you will need and don’t be scared to ask for advice!

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